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Balayi! Two new trainees at the language centre

Two new trainees have recently started at the Bundiyarra - Irra Wangga Language Centre. Sueraini Simpson and Danah Merritt started at Irra Wangga in late May once COVID-19 restrictions lifted and have been learning all about what it means to be a language worker. They've been doing Wajarri language training with our Language Specialist Edie Maher, Media training with Sue Chiera and Linguistics training with our Linguist Jacqui Cook. Barndi!

Sueraini and Danah have been learning how to teach a Wajarri language lesson to students and how to set up a classroom with Edie. As part of their training on how to teach a language lesson, they have created language resources, including a Wajarri alphabet chart and Wajarri flash cards to go up in a classroom. They had to create an activity for students to do - Danah made Wajarri bingo cards using animals in Wajarri language (which was a fun game to play!), and Sueraini chose to do Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Wajarri as her activity (also very fun of course!).

Media training is all about writing, taking photos and starring up in videos for Reconciliation Week (hey Danah?!). Some activities have included writing their own media release, a visit to the QPT for Reconciliation week (which Sue was very impressed with) as well as a visit to ABC Midwest and Wheatbelt to learn how the station operates. Both girls were very glad to be working at Irra Wangga and not in the high pressure environment of live radio!

Sueraini and Danah have also been learning about linguistics, Wajarri sounds and how many different languages there are in the Mid-West Region. Both are excited to learn more about the languages with our linguist Jacqui Cook - especially how to make all those tricky sounds!

Whilst Sueraini is off to have a baby shortly, Danah will be at the language centre so drop in and say hi and check out these barndi nyarlu!

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