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A Personalised Approach to a Healthy Community



Environmental Health Program

Environmental Health provides a comprehensive environmental health program to the Kardaloo and Pia Wajarri remote communities and assists where possible and in like fashion, other Aboriginal communities in the region such as Buttah Windee,  Yulga Jinna, Mt Magnet, Burringurrah and Mungallah.

It is acknowledged that interagency partnerships have been developed with the Departments of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs [FaHCSIA] via municipal service providers such as Yulella and MEEDAC to assist in service delivery.

In addition, a Memorandum of Understanding has also been developed and signed off on with the City of Greater Geraldton. The objectives of this MOU are to;

  • Establish partnerships and share responsibility for achieving measurable and sustainable improvements for people living in the community.

  • Support and strengthen local governance, decision-making and accountability.

  • Learn from a shared approach – identify what works and what doesn’t and apply lessons to future approaches at community and other relevant levels.

  • To support and encourage younger members of the Aboriginal Community to undertake training in Environmental Health and apply it at the community level, and to undertake Environmental Health awareness programs in the community.

  • Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community and the City of Greater Geraldton may also provide access to one another's plant and equipment on an as-needs basis and as determined and agreed to by either party undertaking the activity.

  • The Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service is also an unofficial partner in the MOU, providing capital and equipment relating to three vehicles for the provisions of service.



Our services include:

  • Rubbish removal programs

  • Dog health

  • Pest control

  • Dust supression

  • Septic tank/leach drain maintenance

  • Maintenance to facilities and equipment

  • Community plumbing and other rudimentary repairs

  • Provide support and education

  • Advance and promote Environmental Health principles to community


Referrals continue to be conducted in the Geraldton city area.  Where possible the assistance of the occupants is requested.  Education and promotion of Environmental Health is provided to the occupant at the time of referral.  Works completed include:

  • Pest control

  • Rubbish removal

  • Yard clean-ups

  • Mould assessment and treatments

  • Septic inspections


Bundiyarra uses measurable Key Performance Indicators [KPI] to deliver functional aspects for the Environmental Health program. This is within the Environmental Health team plan.. The plan was developed using the National Environmental Health Implementation Plan and was reviewed in June 2011.

Previous achievements include:

  • Developing  a marketing strategy for the operations area of environmental health for 2013. Work has commenced on a brochure,  monthly newsletter contribution, newspaper profiles, radio and film. Work will be ready for production starting March 2013

  • Developing a Regional Environmental Health Operations Strategy for 2013/2014

  • Periodic meetings with Gary Heir, Department of Housing to better coordinate works at remote communities.

  • Periodic meetings with both Yulella and MEEDAC to coordinate service provision.

  • Two community clean-ups were completed at Kardaloo and Pia Wajarri

  • Ongoing inspections at both the above communities.

  • An Environmental Health workshop was run at Bundiyarra with community members in attendance.

  • Promotional booth was held at the Bundiyarra Cultural Day during NAIDOC week activities. We were able to further promote the program to people across the community - 500 plus visitors to the event. Promotional material was also distributed.

  • It should also be noted that while Bundiyarra do not provide direct services to Barrell Well, funds are provided via MEEDAC  for dog control and cleaning products for spraying in and around the community.

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