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Want to make your voice heard?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Make sure you're on the electoral roll, enrol to vote and get ready to make your voice heard. That's the message from Godfrey Simpson as he encourages you to enrol or update your details on the AEC website. Nganhungu vote, Nganhungu future - Our vote. Our future.

Elder Graham Taylor says it is important our mob has a say in what goes on and chooses who will be in government. He is going to vote in the May election so that his voice will be heard.

Our young people want you to listen to their message too: Danah Merritt says it's easy to vote, make sure you're on the electoral roll, or if you need to update your details, you can do it online or pop into an AEC office or Australia Post to fill out a form.

Have a listen to what they have to say and how you can make your voice heard too. Visit for more details.

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