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Bundiyarra news (and newsletter!)

Download the latest, as well as past issues of the Bundiyarra newsletter here.

It's been another busy year at Bundiyarra - the Good Place, and you can read about it here, in the Bundiyarra News 2022 Winter edition.

Three heritage sites have been approved on the grounds; there's a new program targetting Aboriginal youth; an update on the short stay facility; a new AEC partnership; the formation of an Aboriginal Women's Group; and more!

All your Christmas dreams have come true - a final instalment of the Bundiyarra newsletter for 2021! Read about all the busy happenings at Bundi, the language adventures our language team have been on, new team members coming and saying farewell to the's been a big year. Thanks for being part of it with us!

Linguistic Project Manager position - EOIs invited until 6 August 2021

Are you interested in applying for the position of Linguistic Project Manager (previously Linguist)? See the information in this position description and selection criteria for details. EOIs invited until 6 August 2021 - please send a short cvover letter and CV to Coordinator Rosie at

The past few months have been really busy as usual at Bundiyarra and the Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga Language Centre, and the attached June newsletter captures only some of it!


We’ve had Sorry Day, a painting workshop as part of the Warriyangga on Country project, the talented language centre musicians and Peter Salmon have been on the ‘touring’ circuit, and there’s more… but you’ll have to read it. 

It has been a long time since Bundiyarra has been able to produce a newsletter after funding ran out for our previous Bundiyarra Gardantha!


There’s always so much happening at Bundiyarra and the Irra Wangga Language Centre (despite the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic putting the brakes on a bit) and we love it when we can squeeze in time to let you know about some of it, so here’s a little newsletter to do just that.


However, funding will once again end in June, so if there’s anyone out there who would be interested in helping us out with some funding dollars or investing in our little newsletter, we’d love to hear from you! (And then we could keep you regularly informed!)

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