Rosie Sitorus


Rosie Sitorus is the Coordinator at Bundiyarra – Irra Wangga Language Centre and has worked at Bundiyarra since 2014, 

Rosie grew up in Perth and studied at UWA where she received her combined Law/Arts degree, majoring in French and Linguistics, and completed her Honours research at BIW on the topic of Indigenous language policy. 

Rosie is a trained musician, playing multiple instruments as well as singing, and loves to work with language communities on writing songs in language.

Rosie’s focus is on supporting the community to reconnect with, learn and speak their language.

She loves dogs, singing and watching political dramas on ABC iView.

Edie Maher
Language Specialist

Language Specialist Edie Maher has been working part time at Bundiyarra – Irra Wangga Language Centre since 2016, but has supported languages in the region for more than 20 years as a Wajarri language teacher.

As a part of Edie’s role at Bundiyarra, she helps families by researching family connections and helps build their family tree. She also focuses on developing and educational language resources and materials.

Edie is a Noongar, Palyku and Nyiybarli woman and grew up on Wajarri country in the Murchison area. She attended Tardun Station Mission and then school in South Fremantle, before attending Curtin University where she received her Bachelor of Education degree.

She is a mother to three girls, one boy and raised another boy. She has eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Edie’s goal at Bundiyarra is to help maintain the 9 languages and to support the language teachers using the languages. 

Callan headshot.JPG

Callan Bindon

Callan is the (very new) Linguist at Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga, starting in November 2021, and also came to Bundiyarra - Irra Wangga in early 2019 as an intern for 6 weeks as part of his degree under the supervision of Jacqui Cook,. He obviously made a good impression because he's come back full time!


He grew up in Perth, and studied Linguistics and German at UWA (as well as a bit of Computer Science). He is interested in languages of all kinds, and completed his honours focusing on historical liguistics; making computer simulations of lexical diversification between Aboriginal languages in Victoria. He has also done corpus linguistic work on Idi - a language of Papua New Guinea - during a research scholarship at the ANU in late 2019 and early 2020. 


When not at work, Callan spends his time working on and riding bicycles, programming computers, trying to learn languages, or working on electronics projects of some kind. He also has a wide variety of aspirational hobbies that he never does, but really likes to think about doing and reckons he'd enjoy.


Jennifer Gregory-Kniveton

Cultural Advisor

Jennifer (Jenni) has worked at Bundiyarra for about the same amount of time it has been around. She's a real institution here!

A Kija-Bard woman, Jenni grew up in Geraldton and has worked all over the state in education and community development.

A strong community leader, Jenni helped facilitate the start of the language centre at Bundiyarra back in 2006.

Jenni lives in Geraldton with her husband Simon (who sometimes doubles as Bundiyarra's volunteer groundskeeper!) and some of her beloved grannies.

She is a mentor and role model for many staff at the language centre and helps ensure Yamaji languages are in the loop on national progress with her position as a Director of First Languages Australia.


Nadine Taylor

Language specialist

Nadine has worked at the Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga Language Centre for more than six years, beginning as a part time member of the centre’s Guest Speaker program, working with Aboriginal Education Officers in local schools. 

Later, having been invited to attend a language workshop, Nadine was encouraged to undertake a teacher training course, and was able to incorporate this with a permanent full-time position with the language centre. This allowed her to work with more languages, whilst freeing up staff to keep other important programs running.


A Wajarri and Wilunyu nyarlu (woman), and mother of four, (two boys, two girls) Nadine grew up and lived in the Murchison for many years, travelling between Yalgoo, Mullewa and Murchison stations with her family, wherever her father could find work. She attended Pallottine Mission at Tardun as a young girl, and is grateful for the education.


Nadine recently took a year’s sabbatical and has returned on a part-time basis to help the team work with the nine languages it is facilitating. 

DSCN3020 (2).JPG

Sue Chiera

Marketing and Communications

Part time Marketing and Communications officer Sue Chiera has worked at Bundiyarra for about six years, starting with Bundiyarra and returning to work at the language centre after taking a year out to work full time elsewhere.


Sue has an extensive background in journalism and enjoys writing about and promoting the great things that happen at the ‘Good Place’. 

She helps coordinate language centre projects and curates the bi-monthly Bundiyarra newsletter (which you can subscribe to on the Contact Us page!)


Sue lives near the beach with her cats and dogs.

Danah Merritt.JPG

Danah Merritt

Language Trainee

Trainee Language worker Danah Merritt has worked at Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga Language Centre since May 2020.


Before working at Bundiyarra, she completed a week of work experience at the language centre, but had to cut it short due to the Covid19 pandemic!

Danah is a Noongar and Wajarri woman, from Mullewa/Geraldton and attended School at Rangeway Primary School and John Willcock College


Danah is a driven and inspirational young woman and hopes to encourage more young Indigenous kids to get involved with their language.


Sueraini Simpson

Language Trainee

Sueraini Simpson is a trainee language worker at Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga language centre. 


She had started working at Bundiyarra in May 2020, but took a break sooner after as she welcomed her beautiful baby daughter Zaliyah in August. The rest of the team were very excited to welcome her back to Bundiyarra in early 2021 where she has picked back up with her training. 

Sueraini is a Wajarri woman from Mullewa and looks forward to learning more of her language by working at the language centre.


Nola Gregory

Records and Archives

Records and Archives Officer Nola Gregory has been involved with Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga language centre for as long as she can remember.

Nola is a Kija-Bard Woman from Turkey Creek and Beagle Bay and has spent her entire life in Geraldton, where she attended Rangeway Primary School and Geraldton Senior.

She recently worked at the City of Greater Geraldton, working to make sure Aboriginal people were included and engaged with the activities of the City. She is also a very talented poet!

She has one daughter whom she is very proud of.

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