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Language elders morning tea

By Irra Wangga Trainee, Zahtina Hawkins

I worked my first elders’ morning tea on Tuesday 25/02/2020. Iit was good because it was my first event that I had to organise and arrange everything. Even though I found arranging the morning was stressful, the outcome of it all was amazing. Just seeing all the joy and smiles, hearing all the yarns and laughter from our elders was all worth it in the end.

It was special because Bundiyarra brought them together. As we ate and sat around the table, stories were shared about their life, what they had been through, where they came from - or had been taken from.

I got to meet some wonderful people and found out one of the elderly ladies is my nanna closely related. Overall it was a beautiful morning! Great people, good food, nice warm tea and coffee and lovely weather - I can’t wait for the next elders’ morning tea. I hope they remember to bring a friend next time like they mentioned - the more the merrier!

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